To place an order, you must be a professional in the sector and prove your activity, as well as being of legal age.


We protect the information that is provided by users when using the website. We are committed to the security of our users' data. The transactional services run on a secure server that uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer), the Internet security standard.

You can make sure that you are in a secure environment by the URL address shown in the properties (by right clicking on the mouse). This URL begins with "https", where the "s" identifies that the content is being offered by a secure server.

If our security department suspects any anomaly or fraud, reserves the right to cancel the transaction for security reasons.


We offer three methods of payment:

  • Payment by credit/debit card:

Once your order is processed, we will contact you so that you can proceed with the payment by credit or debit card.
This payment method is guaranteed by Banco Santander's "Paygold" platform. You will be sent a link with the amount and invoice number to proceed with the payment.
JMD Silver S.L.U. will never ask you for any bank information or personal passwords.

We accept American Express, Maestro and any Visa and Mastercard cards registered in the secure payment system Verified by Visa. In addition, for any order whose amount exceeds a scale set by, the Customer will be asked to provide proof of identity and proof of address, which must be sent to us by the e-mail address indicated in due course.

  • Bank transfer
  • Order proposal

If you have any questions, comments or problems, please contact our Customer Service team.

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