All about JMD Silver, get to know us!

There is much more behind JMD Silver than just our jewellery, from sustainable production to our stance on business ethics.


Our company was founded in 2001 in Cordoba, a place historically rooted in the jewellery sector very deeply and which enjoys international prestige for its exquisite work in this field.

We are passionate about our work and our culture is built on enthusiasm, unity and an attitude of achievement. We are optimistic and are always looking for new and better ways of working.

Our business idea is quite simple: "to offer a wide variety of jewellery, with contemporary designs and at very competitive prices". We use innovative and constantly updated manufacturing methods to offer a top quality product.

The wide variety of items in our catalogue ensures that our customers' needs are met to their satisfaction. The products that most people like generate large production volumes, which means that we are able to offer our jewellery items at a lower price.


We are OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and we have more than 6.000 active references in STOCK ready for immediate sale.

Some years ago, we started our international expansion process thanks to the great acceptance of our products in Spain. Today, our products can already be found in jewellers' shops in several European countries.

We are always looking for new and better ways of working. For this reason, we adapt quickly to new markets and new sales channels. We are continuously developing online platforms and offline services that make it easier for our customers to sell.

more than

active references in stock



Our commitment to customers and the planet is to continuously improve the manufacturing process in a conscious way. We believe that quality is not only in the final product, but also in the whole process of creation.

We take care of you and your environment

All our jewellery is made with respect for your skin and the planet.

We are committed to using only the finest materials, such as 925 Sterling Silver, stainless steel and brass. On the other hand, all our designs incorporate a 24K gold or rhodium plated finish, as well as a coating that ensures the brilliance and durability of the piece. Lead-free, nickel-free and cadmium-free jewellery. In short, hypoallergenic and very durable.

We strive to ensure that our entire production process has as little environmental impact as possible, and to this end we are constantly working to reduce the waste of materials and recycle them as much as possible.

Sustainable production

We guarantee that all our products are manufactured with environmentally friendly components, produced in manufacturing processes that ensure efficient waste management and low emissions.

We work on continuous improvement by obtaining certificates that share a sustainable and transparent practice, focused on learning from the challenge of becoming aware of our impact.

We comply with the REACH regulation: Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals. It is the most complete and demanding regulation in terms of environmental legislation in the European Union.

All people are welcome

This is our fundamental principle of diversity and inclusion. JMD Silver will always seek to employ and promote people on the basis of their skills, abilities and potential, without prejudice or discrimination of any kind.

We are committed to gender equality in the workplace and beyond. The company, aware of the role it plays, assumes its responsibility for social improvement in order to respond with EQUALITY to social demands in this area.


All business should be ethical and all trade should be fair. We have always wanted everyone involved with JMD Silver to have their lives enriched and to benefit from their contact with the company - from our staff to those who buy our products or supply us.

While no company is perfect, we strive daily to come closer to the ideal vision that everyone at JMD Silver shares. Our standards will always be high and we will push ourselves further to ensure that our business practices live up to our own expectations, those of our staff and customers, and meet the needs of the planet.

“To create a better day-to-day life for our customers, employees and suppliers.”

"Made in Spain Design"

Creative process

From ideas to finished jewellery, in less than 45 days.

The design process of a piece of jewellery is the moment when it acquires its own personality. Our creative team continually analyses the trends of the coming seasons, at which point our collections are nourished by different universes.

Our journey begins with a search for ideas in the big brands and catwalks, brainstorming, design processes, various shootings and a lot of ATTITUDE.


  • 925 Sterling Silver
  • Stainless Steel
  • Brass
  • Stones:
  • Precious and semi-precious stones
  • Zircon
  • Crystal stones
  • Natural stones
  • Enamel
  • Finishing:
  • Golden plated
  • Rodhium
  • What do we offer?


    Our articles have national certificates such as Ecomep A2, approved by the Junta de Andalucía.

    We have our own Manufacturer's Code MR8950 issued by the Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market, authorised for exports in Europe and Switzerland.


    If you are interested in jewellery that is a hit on social networks and online platforms, we are your supplier!

    We have a design department that every season creates innovative collections based on new trends, materials, shapes and possibilities.


    The quality of our products lies in the perfect combination of two very important aspects, high technology and craftsmanship.


    Thanks to our Design and Production team, we manage a catalogue of more than 6,000 references.

    Our entire stock is available in real time.


    Our business commitment is focused on the satisfaction of our customers. We offer personalised services in order to meet the needs of the sector and adapt it to new markets.

    We give personalised attention to any request, doubt or query.


    We are in the process of internationalization, so we have been present in different international fairs: Bijorhca (Paris), Palakiss (Vicenza), VicenzaOro (Vicenza) and Hong Kong Jewelry & Gem Fair (Hong Kong).

    We want to hear from you

    Are you thinking about launching your own jewellery line and not sure how to start?
    We are your supplier!

    JMD Silver helps you to develop your own brand. Would you like to have an appointment to exchange ideas with us? You can email us at or call us on +34 957 498 483

    If you have any questions or queries, we are at the other side of the screen! Get all the info by filling out our form.

    Contact us!

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